Criminal Defense

If I had a dollar for every time someone has asked me, “How do you defend those people?” I would have enough dollars to buy my own private island.

So how do I do it?

It’s always been my belief that everyone deserves the right to be represented. We, as American citizens, have the Constitutional right to be represented by competent counsel. We also have the right to the Due Process of our Criminal Justice System.

Sometimes good people make mistakes.
Sometimes innocent people are arrested.

When I introduce myself to those who have been recently arrested, I understand that they are scared and nervous. They want to know what the maximum penalties are. They want to know if the Judge is lenient or if he puts many people in jail. They want to know if the case can be dropped. They want to know how long the case will take. They hesitantly want to know how much it’s going to cost.

I consider myself a “teaching counselor.” I like to educate my clients on all aspects of the case, from the Florida statutes of law to the specific facts of their case. I show them the entire process of the system, from arrest to resolution and everything in between. I tell them the good and the bad points of their case, even if sometimes they do not want to hear it. Trust me, I know that there are plenty of attorneys out there that promise the world just to get their retainer money, but I never patronize my clients. I always give it to them straight.

If you would like a straight-forward, honest evaluation of your case, click on the Case Evaluation above and tell me about yourself and the facts of your arrest. Consider it the start of your free consultation. Also, feel free to browse the rest of the website to potentially find more information about your specific charges.